: Figure garment

This work was created to express the DEVOA pattern concept : Each pattern itself is made according to the human body, but the trunk balance is created by setting each joint position differently so that the limbs will look as long as possible.

The key inspiration at the core of any DEVOA pattern is always the body balance of INSECTS.
Since the early days of the brand the challenge has always been how far can I push this pattern expression in my design : In the joint positions of the limbs, the fitting balance and the range of motion available to the wearer when the clothes are being worn.
All DEVOA patterns are basically designed in a way that ignores the wearer's original joint positions and creates new ones.

In order to better express this idea of the design being inspired by the body structure of insects, each of the individual objects was reduced to about 1/4 of actual size and placed in an insect specimen box.
The material is the same calf leather which is used in the construction of the actual DEVOA products.

"Figure Garment"
Exhibited:Devoa Paris Showroom (2016 S/S Season) / DARKLANDS BERLIN / Gallery SUGATA Kyoto.
Material:Calf Leather