Brand: DEVOA


This item is designed so that the thick part of the shoulder is as compact as possible
It is designed so that the interlining does not stick as much as possible and so does not damage or impair the softness of the fabric.
The lining is only on the body and there is no sleeve lining.
This design is a soft, 3 button jacket with a vertically long silhouette.

The outer fabric was produced in Italy by Faliero Sarti.
It is a composite fiber of cotton, ramie and canapa (hemp).
It is an eco-friendly and sustainable material.
Particularly, Canapa (hemp) can be cultivated with the smallest amount of water of all hemp plants and so is a raw material that is praised highly from an ecological point of view.
The fabric is dyed at a low temperature and slowly dried in the sun to create a deep three-dimensional effect which mimics shading.

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