Brand: DEVOA


This is a classic "Deconstructed" style jacket with a compact shoulder thickness.
Although it is a simple two-button jacket, it is designed with an extra button so that it can also be worn with the collar turned up.
In order to make the best use of the characteristics of the design and fabric, it was sewn while finely adjusting auxiliary materials such as the wool at each location. Only the body is lined.

This fabric is made in Bishu, which is the main production center for woolen fabrics in Japan.
The fabric is striped with the stripes being composed of  a “barcode data” pattern.
The stripe lines are thin and randomly arranged so that the unique patterning effect can only be identified when viewed from a distance of 2 meters or closer.
The luster of the ramie material ensures that this product will become more beautiful when it is worn and natural wrinkling and creasing is created.

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