: Hypothesis and evolution

The theme of this piece is "Evolution and Hypothesis"

My mission at DEVOA is to create three-dimensional clothing which compliments and enhances the human body.
Actually it is not only to mirror the human body exactly but instead to hypothetically alter some body parts and the actual core balance.
I have always admired the work of Flemish anatomist Andreas Vesalius. In his anatomical drawings many of the parts differ from actual human muscular structure. The mystery of why that is has never yet been solved.

Therefore, in this work, I created a piece which focuses on the back (latissimus dorsi) but uses my own unique hypothesis. The hypothesis is that the latissimus dorsi and rhomboid muscles have new muscular structures.
When actually making clothes, apart from the design and look of the clothes, one must also pay attention to the conversation between the pattern and the design drawing and the unforeseen side-effects that can arise during the creation process.

Even if a piece has a strange shape, it my often still fit beautifully when worn after it has been sewn.
For this work, I made a piece which looks at both a plane and a solid at the same time by comparing the original design drawing and the figure which was assembled from the pattern.

The structure of the human body is also its own universe and in this work I want to express the balance between beauty and reason that can be found there.

Created: 2017
First Exhibited:Eth0s SHANGHAI / Gallery SUGATA Kyoto
Material: Japanese paper / calf leather / brass
SIZE: 70cm×80cm