: Sense and influence

The theme of this work is "The effect of color on emotions"

I think that the most important kinds of visual Information that people can receive are those created by color, texture and shape.
This is an experimental work which explores the impact created on the human psyche by color and natural texture.

Regarding the color I dyed the leather based on my favorite four colors : charcoal, beige gray, green gray and warm gray.
The texture of the leather is created by using pieces which have natural marks and scratches on them and all the edges of the panel are hand-stitched.

When people approach the piece for the first time, I wonder if they focus on just one color or if they view the color of the entire piece?
If you look closely, you will notice the scratches on the surface of the leather….
Next, you will notice the hand-stitched thread ………
I wonder if others pay attention to the same colors and natural textures that I have in my brain
Or do they experience something different or even feel nothing at all ?
Of course everyone is free to have their own experience of the piece and so for me, this is like a personal experiment in how it affects the viewer and stirs their emotions.

First Exhibited:Eth0s SHANGHAI / Gallery SUGATA Kyoto
Material: calf leather
SIZE: 230cm×126cm